Developing project-specific policies and procedures is the key success of Mega size projects.

Macro procedures are provided on demand only as they are based on custom requirements depending on the orgnizations, Click here to submit your inquiry for details

MACRO is a set of procedures to handle EPC projects. The success of a mega-project depends on successful collaboration within the extended project team. The extended project team includes:

  • Construction Owner’s Team;
  • Contractual and financial elements;
  • Joint venture partners;
  • Lenders; Insurers;
  • Outside Counsel;
  • The Engineering,
  • The Designers
  • Procurement,
  • Construction (EPC) Contractor;
  • Subcontractors;
  • Suppliers, Materials; Services, Equipments and others.
  • Safety
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Governments and the applicable by laws
Collaboration between various parties requires a robust set of policies and procedures, clear roles and responsibilities, and frequent communication through approved channels. As any experienced project manager knows, Your company may have policies, guidelines, and procedures for managing large capital projects; it is recommended that the project team develop tailored policies and procedure appropriate to the specific needs and circumstances of the mega-project. Usually, company policies regarding procurement, regulatory reporting, and annual budget forecasting, for example, will be adopted directly by the project team with little or no change. However, to enhance the use of key project team resources such as the EPC contractor, the company’s specific procedures may need to be modified. A good time to develop the project-specific policies and procedures is immediately after the EPC contractor is selected.
The designer, shall be collaborating under specific policy and procedure on how to number the design drawings, how to process them and to maintain a clear and proper channels for the workflow. The Macro is a complet package to handle the grass root project policy and procedure or to develop the existing one to suit client, consultant, designer and international standard if required. Because project management systems, processes, and controls need to be highly coordinated for a mega-project to be successful, the project-specific policies and procedures need to conform to one another. Process integration and information hand-offs must be carefully defined, especially in an environment where there are numerous third-party project team players.  Macro covers the policy and procedures related to all phases of the Mega project from A to Z.

We know that all managers, entrepreneurs aim for the growth and success, when we save your time, cut your stress and worry about future incidents which may arise during the project delivery, where you need to retrieve or prove that those incidents were properly recorded, digitized and saved you will certainly value our work. In short, without best practice system and procedure, intelligent taxonomy and professional record management your growth and performance will not achieve the expected target.

The MDOC SYSTEM with its MACRO which contain MICRO , MINI and MAXI takes the burden out of your shoulder and handles the numbering and processing with a bundle readymade procedures or a tailored one to suit your business process and accommodate your requirements. Just submit your enquiry to us and MDOC SYSTEM will do the rest to the best.