Working without system and procedure, similar to running on the wrong road.

What MDOC SYSTEM stands for?

The  MDOC SYSTEM  is a systematic procedures handle all documents control needs with efficiency, easily linked to any automated creation, review, approval & archival process software ; where you will never find yourself wondering how documents are to be handled , how to retrieve them , and where they were lost in the bureaucratic paper channel system.

Document records with MDOC SYSTEM become:

  • Managed in consistent and structured manners.
  • Managed in accordance with the existing company guidelines and procedures, or according to International Norms and Standards
  • Stored in a secured place and under controlled access and maintaining version control by authorized personnel.
  • Maintaining Records to include disposed of, or permanently archived document for future reference if needed.
  • Archived Documents recorded and captured using the authorized EDMS system in place whether it is on shelf application or in house built and developed application.
  • Documentation system is appropriately fit within the quality system of the company or the institution.

Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)

Based on our experience we also recommend following services for the implementation of an ideally suitable EDMS for your business requirements:
  • We can carryout a detailed system analysis to develop your in house application
  • We recommend you the best on-shelf business applications to select for your business

Below mentioned are the best recommendations of EDMS softwares based on our vast experience of their usage.


Relatively small in scale, scope and capacity or activities. It is a set

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Relatively medium in scale, scope & capacity or activities. It is a set 

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Relatively large in scale, scope and capacity or activities. It is a set 

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Relatively giant in scale, scope and capacity or activities. It is a set 

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Steve Job
Apple is a very disciplined company, and we have great processes... Process makes you more efficient.
Tim Ferris
Using people to leverage a refined process multiplies production; but a poor process multiplies problems.