MDOC SYSTEM will follow your growth; Because our system grows as you grow.

The word “micro” is derived from the Greek word that means small.

For Small Size Business.

Going paperless can save your business time and money. Indeed, keeping paper files means dealing with hidden expenses, from printer maintenance to ink and storage space as well loss due to unexpected disasters.
Before going Paperless, certainly you need a system and procedure on how to number your document and how to process them.

The procedure of outgoing document can draw the outline of the scope, numbering, format, definitions responsibility and record keeping and finally ensure safekeeping original to retrieve it at your own pace.

The procedure of incoming documents is not usually compatible with your numbering system since it comes to you from different parties. Therefore, incoming documents need special treatment through either re-numbering it according to the numbering system in place or log it in under the originator numbering system which will be cumbersome to manage.

The MDOC SYSTEM with its micro takes the burden out of your shoulder and handles the numbering and processing with a bundle ready-made procedure or a tailored one to suit your business process requirements. Just submit your enquiry to us and MDOC SYSTEM will do the rest.
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