It is Impossible to lead an organization without policies and procedures.

In order to establish Documentation Departement, MDOC SYSTEM recommends to consider the below mentioned factors:


Saving is the outcome of organizing. If time is money therefore money measure with time. Items in your possession when they grow in numbers need to be organized. A small business needs to organize its files to keep control over the movement of its asset. Organizing is the founding way to growth, time and money saving. The documentation, which became a necessity and a specialized profession to cope with the ever-growing sector in business is the corner stone in the need to establish the documentation management system. Imagine a giant department store without a record or a ministry without an archived record, the former will never be able to make inventory or set a budget, the later will never be able to retrieve a personal or health record about a citizen. Documentation department is the central location where to process and keep that record up to date and safeguarded.With the efficient MDOC SYSTEM everyone ensures that has read the relevant policies and procedures for their department , job description, role and permission. With MDOC SYSTEM, document control was never so easy. As a matter of fact, there are a myriad of forms , report and template that will help the Document Control Administrator oversee the statistics of the entire policy of management and quality system, the status of each correspondence and the revision history of each document.


Up to date communication through correspondence is one of the mostly used way of communication. Many other ways used but they always need to be materialized into piece of papers or electronic devices, tapes, fax, telex, email or perhaps a hard drive etc. Whatever the type of materialising documents is, the need to keep these documents require files and files require a safe place to be kept in. If the place is a drawer, a pocket wallet or a filing cabinet, a safety box, a multiple room or multiple stories building such as library or central bank, those places are explicitly called the Documentation Department.



History is kept on papers. Although we can read history by walking into a museum or into a ruined temple, or through an engraving on stones but we still have to go to the museum or to the temples. To bring information to us came the idea to use movable piece where people can dispatch and receive messages by airmail or through a messenger. Phoenician in order to deal with other they invented the Alphabet letters. So does the Arabs, they invented the Arabic numbers to control and calculate. Letters and numbers are the main things to a document. Egyptians and Greek came out with the idea of using papyrus to express themselves and draw their ideas, these ideas updated to carry out lately messages, forms, drawings, figures and photos such as bills, checks etc.


Now-a-days our communication tempts to be paperless, digitally generated. People can read while they are sitting into a chair, riding the bus or subway or while flying. People are able to order books or almost anything from one continent to another or even they can search into major libraries around the world looking for information or reads the news through the internet. Thus, advancement in communication can bring world’s history and daily events to our lap. We do not have to move anymore to read. Still the redundant circulation of information through different type of media such as books, magazines, newspapers,drawings, videos or electronic devices require a place to display, store and provide accessibility to those type of media and documents, We may call it library, bookstore, wall units or filing cabinet. The place where the documents are kept, treated and controlled, person(s) who is/are controlling it has been developed ever since where nowadays became a necessity to create such department with a capable staff to set its procedure and maintain its function. The development and growth in size and in the diversified activities in business, technology and science has led to an ultimate development in documentation and brought a new concept on how to accommodate with this growth and changes vis-à-vis documentation section.


Inflow/Outflow of documents needs a place to come to, and to be dispatched from, need a receiver, a record keeper a printing facility and a filing location. Thus constitute the basic requirement for establishing a documentation department. The size of the documentation department will be directly related to the size and diversity of the incoming/outgoing of documents and the type of business the establishment is dealing with. A small company may need a secretary and a few shelves and a desk space. Large company may need over twenty employees to handle the documentation department and control the document processing and reproduction for distribution. Other factors dictating in setting strategy to establish the documentation system is the logistic complexity and size of the projects, its branches and type of contract or trade the company is handling.


Establishing and controlling the documentation department for a small to medium size (MICRO DOC and MINI DOC) need personnel with background,administration and office management with minimum knowledge of major PC applications. When it comes to deal with giant companies, dealing with engineering and technical matters (MAXI DOC and MACRO DOC) the document control personnel should have the minimum background in technical issue. The supervisor needs to have the minimum qualification such as diploma in engineering or over five years of experience in a supervisory position in technical documentation environment. Establishing procedures or make the procedures a project specific require the knowledge of international standards, the ISO requirements and the capability to understand and read technical issues such as drawings, specifications, numbering/issuing and processing. Supervisor shall be able to assist engineers on their request and inquiries and high knowledge on how an engineering project is managed and operated . See Job description of major Document Control Positions.



When companies or institutions understand the importance of establishing the documentation department and decide to implement the requirements of the standard rules and procedures. The conformance to those rules requires that the institution or the company work and proceed under the supervision or a legal body, such body controlling and auditing on the performance of the company where the international rules and procedure are to be implemented. This entail the company to work under the certification of such legal body, where this certification became one of the most important requirement for the company to produce a certified work and participate in the major local and international bidding activities. Documentation as set by those bodies (i.e. ISO 9000) is an example on the basic requirements and on how to handle and create a documentation system with a quality system and standard.


Location makes difference. No wonder why everyone wants to live in an area where everything is handy. When we think to build a house or rent an apartment, we first think about the location. Is the location far from the working place? Is the location close to school, supermarket or university? Layout also is an important factor. Is the service area has enough space and can contain all the necessary equipments, cupboards, lighting, electrical outlets etc. Does the power supply enough to withstand various number of electrical equipment which sometimes require 3 phases outlet?. Is circulation and access are provided to all rooms without any obstructions? Is there a need to loading and unloading area? Is a fire exit and fire protection available? Is there enough storage room? If most of those questions are answered, therefore, the location satisfies the need of the users. Document department must be close to everyone or to most users. Documentation department offers services to everyone in the institution. That's why it shall be close to all facilities in the institution with free space to circulate, without creating endurance to other departments with some quite area free of disturbance to be used as a reference library and maintain high quality and speedy services to all concerned.


Equipments needed for the documentation department is relatively related to the versatility of activities and function of such department. Starting from basic office and secretarial needs to equipments, stationary, to filing cabinet and files, ending up with most sophisticated printing, photocopying and scanning facility. Added to that the latest computerized equipment available in the market, which is suitable to the budget to provide high quality services within the limitation of the budget set for the documentation department. We have to remember that documentaion department is afire hasard place. Furnishing is also an important factor within the allowable space provided. Desks and proper filing cabinets, secretarial and data entry desks, reference table, proper shelves and storage area and cabinets, drawing racks and suitable office work. Furniture are also to be carefully chosen to provide a good, healthy and safe working environment.