Learning from your OWN Experience ? Painful!! Learning from the Experience of an expert ? Priceless!!

What is "Training" ?

The word "TRAINING" seems to mean different things to different people and different companies. Some simply use the word to mean "the imparting of information". The information could be extremely relevant or completely useless depending on your situation. Many training companies feel that they have "trained" you if they have given you as much information as possible about Document Control and Record Keeing. This can look attractive on the surface, but look at it little closer.
"It's like giving someone a drink by turning on a fire hose."
You don't hang on to very much of it, and what you do hang on to isn't very helpful.
According to the American Heritage Dictionary, to "train" is: "to make proficient with specialized instructions and practices". Now THAT'S more like it !

MDOC Training

  • Really needed, this is a priceless resource that will quickly become your go-to-reference.
  • Confidence -  With our training courses you know, you can use record keeping and become proficient effectively with documentation. You will now have the skills.With MDOC SYSTEM document control solutions, we want you to become Proficient with documentation process when your training is completed. So we give you:
    • Specialized Instructiontailored to your needs and your learning style and skills.
    • Practice: through the use of scripted, click-by-click hands-on lab exercises.
    • Well Thought-outs, practical, experiential document control training that imparts workplace-ready documentation system skills, not just a barriage of information and a headache.
    • A comprehensive training manual, not a several hundred pages in length with lecture content, or multiple PowerPoint slides, and scripted labs with screen shots, that you get to keep - MDOC SYSTEM  give only what you really need.
"Training that does less than this isn't really training"

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Our Training Benefits

The ROI (Return on investment) from quality skills-based MDOC SYSTEM training can be immediate and significant. Companies who invest in their employees by providing them such training reap rich rewards. Skilled human resources comes first and above all and constitute the backbone of any company. As a senior Executive described it:” With the wealth of the company, we can afford to buy every model ,every brand new trucks or shovel loader, but we can’t afford to change a proficient driver with every model. Same thing apply to a new PC , server or any other functional activities.
Here are 8 ways your company can benefit from employees who receive high-quality, skills-based MDOC SYSTEM Document Control Solutions:

MDOC SYSTEM is designed to streamline procedure and efficiency in the workplace. Skilled document control staff reduce through increased productivity and effectiveness.

Interdepartmental Tension - is reduced as increasingly-skilled users take advantage of more of systems' advantages.

Employees who are skilled in implementing numbering and processing procedures effectively are more productive, and increased productivity quickly translates to increased profitability.

Employees who are confident and competent using MDOC SYSTEM foster a less-stressed, more positive work environment and who couldn't use some stress relief these days ?

Employees who know how to use the available tools to their best advantage feel good about themselves, get more done, and are satisfied in their jobs. Morale is up, and turnover is reduced.

The fact that a company is willing to invest in its employees makes them feel valued and appreciative. That appreciation, coupled with enhanced proficiency and confidence in their skills, is a powerful motivator.

MDOC SYSTEM organizational document processing and record keeping advantages mean that clients have quicker access to their records, provide proficient services, and important data because employee efficiency is increased and dealing with your organization’s cheerful, competent, satisfied employees gives clients a positive impression of your company.

With MDOC SYSTEM implemented, and employees trained to use it well, less time is spent finding and sending data, and data becomes more useful and more strategically applicable. “Busy work” expenses are reduced, making workers’ time at work more profitable. Clear numbering system, well maintained procedures and implementing digital forms and automated workflow processes causes paper and supply expenses to slump.

We know that all managers, entrepreneurs aim for the growth and success, when we save their time, cut their stress and worry about future incidents which may arise during the project delivery, where they need to retrieve or prove that those incidents were properly recorded, digitized and saved, they will certainly value our work. In short, without best practice system and procedure, intelligent taxonomy and professional record management, growth and performance will not achieve the expected target.
The MDOC SYSTEM with its MACRO which contain , MICRO, MINI and MAXI takes the burden out of your shoulder and handles the numbering and processing with a bundle readymade procedures or a tailored one to suit your business process and accommodate your requirements. Just submit your enquiry to us and MDOC SYSTEM will do the rest for the best.